The Memorial: Unearthed A Remembrance

Entitled UNEARTHED: A REMEMBRANCE, the memorial will honor the men, women and children enslaved in Mamaroneck Township between 1698 and 1817. Their stories will be told through powerful ceramic artwork embedded on both sides of a beautifully curved monument.

Schematic for the Memorial to the Enslaved Africans of Larchmont Mamaroneck

Schematic for the Memorial

The memorial, entitled UNEARTHED: A REMEMBRANCE, will be installed on the hill in front of the Mamaroneck Town Center, accessible to the entire community. At its maximum, it will measure approximately 7 feet high and wide. A curved bench will welcome visitors to contemplate the lives and labors of the enslaved adults and the children who were born into enslavement and decades of indentured servitude. A bricked path around the memorial will lead to a vision of traveling from Africa to enslavement and later escaping to freedom.

Artist Team: Sarah Coble, Sana Musasama, Judith Weber, Mariví Perdomo Caba, Jorge L. Ventura Ovalles.

UNEARTHED: A REMEMBRANCE reflects REALM’s mission to create a permanent, prominent, respectful memorial to the enslaved people. It brings to life a significant period of Mamaroneck history that has been forgotten and buried for years. There is dignity, sorrow and determination reflected in the figures toiling on one side and fleeing on the other. In addition to the figures, there will be numerous symbolic representations of the enslavement experience.

The artist team creating the monument includes Judith Weber (coordinator), Sarah Coble and Sana Musasama (ceramic artists) and Mariví Perdomo Caba and Jorge L. Ventura Ovalles (architects). REALM (Recognizing Enslaved Africans of Larchmont Mamaroneck), a committee of local residents, selected the team in a competitive process. Working with REALM and the Mamaroneck Town Board, the artists refined their proposal to reach the final, approved location and design.

You can help revive the history of the enslaved people of Mamaroneck. Learn About Slavery in Mamaroneck here. Donate to fund the memorial here.

Thank you for your support. Every person who learns about the enslaved is priceless. Every dollar is important.

Top: Fragments for the Memorial by Sana Musasama. Bottom: Sana Musasama and Sarah Coble working on the Memorial.


REALM is grateful to ArtsWestchester for help funding the artist selection process.