Slavery in Mamaroneck?

Yes, more than 200 Africans were enslaved here from 1661 to 1822, more than any other Sound Shore town. Their involuntary labor helped build our town.

Why Didn’t We Know?

Most local history overlooks the enslaved and focuses on the enslavers, like Richbell, Delancey, Monroe, Palmer and others. The enslavers used the involuntary labor of enslaved  people to build their own wealth and to provide themselves with free time to take leading roles in Mamaroneck Town’s fledgling government and religious institutions.

Recognizing Enslaved Africans of Larchmont Mamaroneck (REALM) is a group of local residents who have become aware of our community’s foundational ties to the institution of slavery. We aim to honor the history, humanity and contributions of the enslaved people.

With the support of the Mamaroneck Town Board, REALM is installing a memorial to the enslaved Africans on the hill in front of the Mamaroneck Town Center. We are also presenting related educational programs. 

Schematic for the Memorial to the Enslaved Africans of Larchmont Mamaroneck

Schematic for the Memorial

You Can Help Recognize the Enslaved Africans of Larchmont Mamaroneck:

Every person who learns about the enslaved people is priceless. Every dollar is important.